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ABC Zeta Function

We offer a $10,000 prize to anyone who can disprove this function by providing a numeric counterexample. 

ABC zeta function includes infinitely many zeta functions (valid for all natural numbers). In other words, it will give a zeta function for  b=1, b=2, b=3,...(Re(s) > 0, s≠1​)

 Notice as b tends toward infinity, something unique happens. It provides us with a transcendental zeta function with some fantastic properties. This transcendental zeta function and its properties allow us to study Riemann’s zeta function close to the singularity. This enables us to prove the famous Riemann’s Hypothesis.  (See Riemann’s Last theorem article for detail).    

See below for the proof of this super zeta function based on Riemann's zeta function. 

In the video below , you will see the connection among Riemann’s, Transcendental and ABC zeta functions. These functions give us the last key, which we need it to prove the Riemann Hypothesis. 

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