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Transcendental Zeta Function

 We offer a $10,000 prize to anyone who can (help us find a mathematician who can) disprove this function by providing a numeric counterexample. 

The transcendental zeta function is a zeta function that is made from two divergence sub-functions. The fascinating part of the transcendental zeta function is the difference of two infinite values gives a finite value. (Re(s) > 0, s≠1) . 

Notice the symmetry of this function (Re(S)=Re(1-S) => Re(S) =1/2). This new function helps us understand Riemann’s thought process and why he proposed his famous hypothesis. We believe this new zeta function proves the Riemann Hypothesis (See Riemann’s last Theorem article for detail).

We offer a $10,000 prize if you can disprove this function by providing a numeric counterexample. Also, we offer a $10,000 referral bonus if you can help us find a person who can give us a numeric counterexample.

See below for the proof of the above function. Also, see the ABC Zeta Function for a second proof of this amazing function. (See Riemann's Last Theorem article for detail).    

In the video below , you will see the connection among Riemann’s, Transcendental and ABC zeta functions. These functions give us the last key, which we need it to prove the Riemann Hypothesis. 

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